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Shade makes no move for the valuables so casually thrown on the table, although her eyes narrow as the man continues his tirade. When he has finished she takes a deliberate swallow of wine and then looks up at him without moving. Before she can respond the large, hooded figure behind him suddenly blurts out something regarding a man in captivity. Ignoring the outburst she turns her flinty eyes back to Paladin.

"Sounds like you've got other people to save."

Pushing away her barely touched food she rises and folds her arms. Her voice starts out soft and gradually takes on a bitter edge.

"I don't remember anyone asking for your protection. You joined us, after you had been attacked yourself. Nobody has a dagger to your throat: you come and go as you please.

Vengeance? Glory? All we were doing was journeying through a wood. We didn't ask for those damned beasts to hound us. I rescued a comrade and went to reclaim stolen belongings, not to settle some score or make a name for myself."

She doesn't shout but it is clear she is angry; not the frenzied anger of a cornered beast but the cold fury of a seasoned hunter.

"The minstrel died because he was stupid. He could have stayed at his fine castle and married his beloved but he was out looking for glory. He thought it was all a big, happy story like he heard when he was a child. He made his own choices and he died for what he believed in; I think it was stupid and you think it was needless but that was his choice, not yours and not mine. You can't save people from themselves."

She pushes past him and glares at his companion, catching a glimpse of the orcish face under the hood. The pile stays untouched on the table as she storms out of the tavern, a flash of deep blue silk marking her exit.