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The ride from the Stannard building has Ettore brooding and silent, deep in his own thoughts. Leaving the fortress of the Invictus and going out into the night he feels at once a bit more vulnerable and yet in the same breath free. And tonight of course, there is a sense of opportunity that is palpable. Hanging in the air. It is this he is focused on, seeking to mentally grasp the various angles of this strange situation.

Coming out of the car upon arrival, the greeting and respect of the mortal retainers gives him little pause yet he does take the time to greet some of them in turn and shake some hands so that he 'looks' like he belongs there rather than as some imperious lord storming through without noticing the men. And it never hurts to have been friendly with someone who just might have a chance to save your unlife one day.

Ettore pays distinct attention to the comportment of the policemen and their reaction to this situation. Looking for anything unordinary or 'interesting', his habit of reading people comes to the fore. Maybe something will tell, maybe not.

Onward. He moves down into the subway section that is the 'crime scene'. He listens to Faith with a silent mask at first, gathering both her information and weighting it according to the tongue that is delivering.


Question: What do I know about Faith? What is her relative status/reputation?


Body Language Readings of the Policemen.

Body Language Reading of Faith

Examination of the Body.

Examination of the Scene.


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