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((Yes, that's fine.))

A private car with a ghoul driver takes the two Invictus from the front of the Stannard Building to East Manhattan, where they are dropped off on the street across from the subway access station, which is lined with police officers, most of whom are ghouls and are recognizable to Ettore. They see him and tip their caps as they step aside, allowing the Ventrue and Daeva through.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, the two make their way through the turnstiles and head down towards the tracks, where a few more ghouled cops stand guard while a sergeant exchanges words with a sour looking kindred woman, with wild brown hair, sunken eyes, and a hawkish nose with a stud piercing. She wore torn jeans, army boots and a black t-shirt adorned with a simple white cross on the front. She was known as "Faith," a member of Clan Gangrel and part of the Sanctified Church under the Archbishop Domingo. Her eyes immediately shifted to Ettore and Antonio when they entered.

"They said they'd be sending someone official... I take it that's you then?" Faith asked, though the question was rhetorical. "Right, the body's over there, within sight of the platform. I'll give you the short of it - multiple stab and slashing wounds, several were used to cripple and immobilize, others were designed to inflict pain. Death came from a severing of her major arteries - followed by the removal of her heart. No identification was found on her."
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