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Antonio snaps to attention, his boots coming together with a slight click. "As my Prince commands." he says with a bow, before turning sharply on his heels and following Ettore out of the chamber. He waits politely until Ettore is finished with his calls before speaking. "I agree my friend, however I would not have us enter into this investigation blindly. While I have some knowledge of the occult, I'm afraid that I only possess a passing knowledge of Cruac. So it seems that we will need to find a more reliable source of knowledge." He pauses for a moment, his brow furrowing. "I do believe that the Archbishop mentioned that the Lancea is in possession of 'much documentation about the witchcraft of the circle'. Surely they would have no problem in allowing a third party to review said information and independently verify their claims? All in the interest of justice of course... " At this a slight smirk appears around the edge of his mouth, but it is quickly replaced by his typical emotionless mask.
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