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Ettore can't stop himself. The challenge is almost direct. His eyes glance aside to Broadworth before returning quickly to Mercia. He inclines his head, murming a soft 'As you wish.', and gives Antonio a quick glance and a 'come on' motion with one hand as he turns on heel and begins walking towards the side door of the audience chamber.

His manner is suddenly crisp, business, and less the socialite that it was before. Going down the hall he slips out his own phone and quickly gives instructions to some of his men to begin investigating the matter. It is a quick task done in minutes. As he moves however he is less and less the 'deferential courtier' and more and more projecting the confidence and surety of someone self possessed. "Don Antonio, my friend, we must make the best of this. Come, I think the 'scene of the crime' is likely the best place we can start."

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