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The Archbishop inclined his head. "I have faith in the Prince and that the First Estate will regard this matter with the priority it deserves. But the perpetrator of this breach must be found and brought to justice. An example must be made."

Mercia spoke. "We will do what is best and prudent. We thank you for bringing this to our attention."

Domingo bowed solemnly and then left the audience chamber, flanked by his disciples in white, some of whom both Ettore and Antonio recognized as bishops. All the five clans were represented, as the Lancea Sanctum had done especially well in infiltrating each clan here in New York.

When the Sanctified had left the chamber, Mercia stood and turned to Broadworth. "Keep me informed," she said, to which Broadworth bowed respectfully. "Ettore, my childe, I wish you to investigate this matter as well," she said turning to him. "Do so from a more personal level. Take a bodyguard - Antonio will do - and find out what you can about who may be involved."
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