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On the Road Again 7 – Newcomers, part 2

The other man who helped Mirko attack the giants walks up and says, “Greetings and well met – the gods are good to have sent you when they did, else I fear, we would be walking with them in their hallowed halls. I am Reamus Silmerhelve and this is my sister and my uncle.”

Reamus is young, definitely younger than his sister, and his uncle is a middle-aged man with the beginnings of grey hair and a sagging belly.
“We need to get him back to the manor,” the woman says. “Caramin may be able to save his arm, since this…man has already saved his life.”
She smiles at the other newcomer (Angus) and looks at Mirko and Dreys and says, “I am Jacelyn Silmerhelve, but my family and friends call me Jace. Will you help us get my uncle back home? My father will want to meet the men who saved his family today.”
Mirko nods and says, “Aye, and the sooner the better. The dog might return with his pack.”

“Greeting, my name is Angus and I am traveling alone. I found tracks of the giants and have been following them and they led me here. Looks like I arrived about the same time that you all did.” He smiles back at Jace and says, “Yes Jace, I will be glad to help you get your uncle back home.”

Dreys looks at Mirko, "Looks like we be helping out. Think me could use an ale about now." Dreys grins and chuckles. He then turns to Angus, "Nice to meet ye me fellow traveler. Where ye be from?" Dreys also will nod at Mirko's greetings to Jace. He offers to carry the wounded man, and soon, the group leaves the battle scene and the bodies of the five giants.

The going is slow, but the company is good and the young elven woman, Jacelyn, talks about the ruined picnic and asks, “What brings the three of you into the Kryptgarden Forest?”
The younger elven man, Reamus, keeps staring at the three of you, especially at Mirko – it is obvious he is in awe of three adventurers, battle-scarred and bloody.
(Tag anybody!)
As you walk, Jacelyn turns the route south, skirting the edge of the forest, and soon you come to the grounds of a large estate. Riders on horseback spot you and sound a horn, then come riding toward you. Reamus waves at them and runs to meet them. All four riders are armed with spears in hand, longbows on their backs, and swords at their hips – they wear clothing and armor of olive and brown colors. All have dark hair and fair features.
“Take Uncle Aamer to Caramin as quickly as you can ride!” Jacelyn instructs as Dreys and Angus gently lift the wounded man to one of the riders. “Reamus, go with him and tell father we are not far behind.” Reamus scowls, but obeys, leaping up on the back of another rider.
“Go swiftly now!”
Jacelyn urges, slapping the horse on its flank.
“Yes, princess,” the rider responds, wheels his mount, and rides toward the estate manor, accompanied by the other rider and Reamus.

Another rider offers Jacelyn his hand, but she waves him away. “We will walk the rest of the way, Leonus, but guard our backs. There are giants in the woods today.”
“Yes, princess,” the rider responds, drifting back to guard the rear.
She sets off at a faster pace, no doubt eager to get to the estate. “My father will be most happy to see you and give you a proper welcome to Helvenblade House.”


Angus – full hp
Mirko – down 50 (DR3 +12 temp. hp); heals 1 hp/rd
Dreys – down 21(Strength of Stone > +6 to STR & AC)

XP for the Giants > 3,840 each!

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