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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius gazes with pained eyes at Blarth's struggle. The sadness, as deep as any ravine, threatens to overwhelm him, but he gently pushes it away. The melancholy will always be there, but now is not the time for his self-pity. The half-orc fumbles for words, uncertain, confused; Cadrius understands far more than he'd think possible.

"Trak never saw me, not until the trial. He...he took pity on me, that I would be raised by humans. He never pressed me about why I was there, just content to talk with one of his own. Lesser men would have panicked, or raged, but he seemed...resigned to the treatment, used to being judged by his heritage. It takes a good deal of courage to accept such a fate."

He looks again at Blarth, trying to gauge how his words are received. The camp is still quiet, Laronar looks on with what could only be anticipation, but Cadrius doesn't have time to ponder why. Shade stands partway up the nearby hill, looking back at him.

"I know what it is like to lose a brother," he says, eyes still on Shade, "it is hard-" his voice drops to a whisper "-very hard."

He swallows once and returns his gaze to Blarth and when he speaks again his voice regains some strength.

"I did share the cell next to Trak, and I did confess, at least partially so that he might be set free. I do not know why as those of orcish blood are not well received in my homeland. Yet there was something about him, something proud, perhaps noble," he smiles, but there is no happiness in it. The thought of referring anything resembling an orc as noble would've never entered his mind, not in the past anyway.

Things change.

Once again he lets his arms drop to his side, palms open, awaiting a response.