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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius' face remains impassive despite the bard's jab. He hefts the bastard sword in one hand and speaks quietly. The blade flashes once as it passes through one of the few shafts of moonlight streaming into their little camp.

"If it was a tryst, I would not have needed this," he says, eyes narrowing as he sees the smirk and retort forming on Nicos' face. "Shade heard something, she decided to wake me, end of story." He is in little mood for further argument on this day. It had been long enough without the wounded elf demanding they take his unconscious form along.

The bard's remark does cause him to take in the camp though, eyes straining in the darkness. He counts the forms and comes up short.

"Where is the one that had taken to Paladin? Blarth," he says, suddenly remembering the conversation with the half-orc's brother. He looks again, double checking to make certain that the somber half-orc isn't curled up somewhere out of the way.

Turning to Shade he speaks again, his voice still hushed, "Let the elf take his watch, I have heard they do not need sleep like we do and I feel as if I just ran fifty leagues. There will be time to talk later."

The energy he had received from Shade begins to flag, leaving him more tired than when he had first stretched out upon his bedroll. He looks at her once more, attempting to say more with his eyes than he's willing to voice in front of the bard, before returning to his bedroll and carefully laying blade by his side. Within moments, he is asleep again, but for the first time since it all began, he is not tormented by his dreams.