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Ganked out of Oadenol's Codex, page 39:


The ultimately useful tube is a foot-long bamboo tube. The lip of one end is faintly blue; the other lip is faintly red. It looks innocuous and requires five motes commitment.

An attuned character has a wide variety of options. He can twist the tube to reveal fingerholes and an embouchure to play it as a flute. Twisted back, no observer can find the holes. If used as a snorkel, the ultimately useful tube keeps out waves and water spray and maintains an ideal length up to two yards while the character changes depth. Used as a breathing tube in open air, the tube weakens airborne toxins, reducing their Damage ratings by half and their Toxicities by two. Twisting the tube the other way thins it to a half inch diameter, allowing the character to use it as a straw and likewise weaken toxins imbibed through it.

The character can fight with the ultimately useful tube as a stick. By pulling on the ends, he can lengthen it to one yard in length and use it as a blowgun. The tube creates its own darts, costing one mote each. Blowing a dart out the blue end coats it with a sleeping poison; the red end creates a fatal poison. Darts are made of Essence and fade away at the end of the scene. Finally, the character can lengthen the tube to two yards in length, making it a fighting staff. Even to Essence sight, the ultimately useful tube always looks like a mundane implement, though the blowgun darts shine with Essence.

The first stat line describes the stick form, the second a staff, the third a blowgun. The sleeping poison is Damage special; Toxicity 3M; Tolerance —/—; Penalty -0; a target failing to resist falls asleep for 10 minutes or one hour, the character’s choice on creation of the poison. The lethal poison is arrow frog venom (see Exalted, p. 131).

Appropriately, the ultimately useful tube is very useful. No power is very great, but it has a myriad of uses. Its stick, staff and blowgun traits are improved over the norm, but not by much. The poisons are effective but not mind-blowing. It could be a high-end Artifact 2, but the sheer range of its capabilities and its concealable nature make it a fair Artifact 3.

Speed: 4
Accuracy: +1
Damage: +4B
Defense: +2
Rate: 3
Range: —
Mins: Str ••, Mrt •
Attune: 5
Tags: M

Speed: 6
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +8B
Defense: +2
Rate: 2
Range: —
Mins: Str ••
Attune: 5
Tags: 2, R

Speed: 5
Accuracy: +2
Damage: 1L
Defense: —
Rate: 2
Range: 30
Mins: —
Attune: 5
Tags: P

EDIT: Gah, can't get the table to work. But I added colors!

EDIT2: Screw the table. Columns ftw.
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