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Unread 4th of October, 2007, 00:14
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The sting bracer still needs to be worked out, thought I have something off topic to address. Specifically, the "cover" action that we worked out. I had a thought about it. Specifically, when used during a simultaneous action, I think it would be cool if the cover applied immediately, so any simultaneous attacks against a defendee are redirected to the defender. I don't know if this destroys the whole "simultaneous" dynamic, but it's the "jump in front of your friend to save his life" image that I get when I think of this.

Another topic might be whether people like the way actions are strictly simultaneous when they're done on the same tick. We could easily divide each tick into separate action resolutions, so that the faster people can interrupt the slower ones on the same tick. So far, at least in my other game, all I seem to have gotten are complaints about it. Since actions are simultaneous, their action can't directly stop another person's action; both actions happen, no matter what.

Again, i'm just musing.
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