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How can things seem so normal, Blarth wonders. It's been a few days since the disembowled corpse had been found in the woods, and a little more than a week since Market Day. To Blarth's eye, however, life on the road had largely returned to normal. Sure, everyone seemed a little more jumpy when taken unawares, and no one was talking about the two incidents (Gregor's injunction was being taken very seriously), but other than that, life was disappointingly normal.

Of course, no one in the caravan knew what had happened back in Tradeholm, and thus they remained blissfully unaware of the potential danger.

Still riding with the camp crew, Blarth was supposed to report on anything strange that happened during break-down or setup to the others. Indeed, each member of their group had responsibility for watching a different part of the caravan. If anything happened, or even showed signs of happening, there was some hope that vigilance could avert disaster.

It was this vigilance that had Blarth wandering through the camp now, looking for one of the others. This morning he had noticed a crow following the camp riders. At first this hadn't seemed unusual, but while resting the horses after a stream crossing, Blarth had noticed that the crow had perched nearby. More out of boredom than anything else, he had started throwing rocks at the bird to scare it off. Oddly, the crow hadn't moved until Blarth managed to hit it dead on, not even flinching when one of the stones had gone low and hit the branch that the bird was perched on. Add to that the black ooze that the bird had left behind once hit, and the oddity of the event started to take on a decidedly sinister tone.

Spotting Juni around one of the campfires, Blarth nods his head at to signal her to join him out of earshot of those she was with.

"Where are Cadrius, Shade, and Nicos?" Blarth asks when it is safe to do so, "Something strange happened today."
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