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Anger flares at the bard's words but it quickly flashes out, like heat lightning in the summer sky. Shade knew he was right and she doesn't have the heart to start another war between them, like she had when she deliberately caused the fight that pushed her out of the group. He deserved better than that, especially from her. She starts again, quieter, more reasonable.

"We have a responsibility to these people, yes, but we also have a larger responsibility to stop this thing. If it means we need to be close with the truth, then we will be close with the truth."

She pauses, gauging the words.

"But yes, that is different than saying nothing. Obviously, a man has been slain. We will say to the caravan master that he was overpowered by something much stronger than a human, but that we see no evidence that points to any known creature. Until such time as we know what we are dealing with, we must not wander alone and we must take to standing watch together as well - at least in pairs, if not larger groups."