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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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A whisper of boots crunching through the thin film of frost and the feeling of eyes colder than the chill morn is the only sign of her arrival. Shade. The enigmatic, haunted woman is as easy to read as the changing wind. Her voice is soft as if she is reluctant to puts words to air. To speak of this is to ensure that it is real. It is now wrought from nightmare and made flesh. Details overlooked now demand attention. The blood, congealed in the cold, is dark but not yet brown. It will be a few days yet for that.

He opens his mouth to reply when Nicos’ barb rings out across the clearing, shattering the morbid tranquility of the scene.

“Useful, as always,” Cadrius mutters.

He turns around to see Shade standing with her arms folded, eyes flitting about the scene half-curious, half-looking for further danger. Nicos strides up to the two, his breath puffing in the air. The bard blows into his hand, trying to warm it.

“Nice day for a murder, eh?” He says, clapping Cadrius on the arm.

“Jaunty, as always,” Shade says.

“I suppose it does not need to be said that this is suspicious,” he says. “A lone guard has his throat slit and his belly drawn out. With the blood around here it looks like he was dragged to that tree. Why?”

“A feud with another man on this caravan wouldn’t have ended like this,” Nicos says. “It’s too…too brutal.”

“Aye,” Cadrius agrees.

“I think you know what did this,” Shade says, her voice soft but rich with ill portent.

Their gazes lock. Cadrius fights off a shiver from creeping down his back.

“No,” he lies. “Please tell me.”