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Shade was asleep when the guard came calling, her bedding set atop a row of casks in an otherwise unoccupied wagon. Good thing she was thin, else she'd never have fit into the spot. She had been out late, scouting, but come back here when the moon set to catch some sleep.

She slithered down before he called a third time, shivering in the chill air, and stuck her head out to hear what he had to say. Her frown deepened at his words, the periphery of her mind registering the unusual amount of commotion in camp. Not the first he'd talked to, she was sure.

"Where is he?"

The words are icy cold - dangerously precise and razor edged. He would not have sent for her unless things were bad, and judging by the whiteness of the guard's face and the wildness in his eyes, things were bad. He told her, then stammered out something about finding Nicos and then he went off. Gritting her teeth, Shade threw on her cloak and boots, reached up into the makeshift bed and drew out her swords, buckling them on as she started for the door.


Her breath is steaming as she approaches Cadrius, standing vigil over the dead man, her eyes sluicing the surrounding area for any sign of movement as she slowed to a walk. Nobody else here, yet, but they wouldn't be long. His posture told her there was no immediate danger, but it did little to ease her nerves.

"What happened?"