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You've read my edit to the guidelines.
Then you've also read that itsy-bitsy phrase : "No problems so far.."

I just was reminded , I should've included it in the first place.
So many First-Time Free-Formers here... I almost forgot , that the first RPT was my initiation to free-forming.

I'm sure more thingies like this will need to be added to "the Rules" , that I haven't thought of/remembered.
But remember : they're only guidelines , not set in stone and such...
Basically , Free-Form depends entirely on mature behaviour , common sense and respect for the other players.(But feel free to screw over their plot-ideas )

Note: In FF all players have equal say in all matters. I just initiated this game. (And got mod-status to take care of possible "Jokers" that try to screw over the game.)
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