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Aw. Mainly my posts are actions and reactions. I'm no plot developer - I just play a character. Kind of selfish ones too. I think that is what I am best at. I see what you are saying though. You want some flaring up of my flair.

Let me take you through my though processes. Life for a halfing is tough. I have to take you through a laundry list of things I must do to compensate for my size just to see things from your tall perspectives and respond to your posts. So, now that I finally can see amongst the crowd with out all the legs blocking my sight, I can describe the ambiance of the bar.

Oh hey. Never worry about calling me on anything. At first I thought your "need a lesson" comment was pretty harsh, but I smiled at it anyway. I have incredibly thick skin and I think highly of myself, so criticize my writing style all you like. It just gives me stuff to think about.

I did think about it. And I will try to adapt a little better to not having a DM and work in more descriptive styles. More adjectives like.
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