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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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“Bad business up in Proston,” Maric says, forking his fingers superstitiously. He wants to spit on the wooden floor but the tavernkeep will have his hide for that. Not that you could even tell it was there from the dirt and mud that gets tracked in and out. It might even do it a spot of good. Still, this is Tevin’s place and he’ll not have his debts called early for acting against the man’s wishes.


“Aye,” he says. He’s not surprised that Jason hasn’t heard. The man wouldn’t know if a flood was coming until he had already drowned. “Supposed to be a wedding up there between the Halifans and the Monktons.”

“Those two families getting married? That’s a surprise.”

Bad blood had churned and roiled between the two for a long time. Several generations earlier a duel had been fought between the patrons of the household over a conflicting claim over a parcel of land. The Monkton slew the Halifan and sealed the enmity of that family for forty years. That they had finally decided to bury their feud and unite through marriage had come as a surprise to Maric, but it made sense. Even grudges fade with time, and the two families were stronger for it.

“Not as surprising as what happened right before the priest was set to bind them,” Maric says. “A madman, some say ‘twas a demon, snuck into the bride’s chambers and murdered her and a dozen of her family. Men, women, children, it didn’t matter. The thing might’ve looked like a man, but it acted like a monster.”

“Pelor protect us,” Jason says, touching his chest. “What happened to the devil?”

“One of the Monktons got him with a knife,” Maric says, taking a pull from his ale. “But the devil got away into the woods. They say he didn’t leave a trail of blood to follow.”

“Queer, that,” Jason says. “Best keep your doors locked at night.”