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Like a minature worm, the intruder burrowed into her consciouness. Her mental alley cat took a lazy swipe at it but missed and quickly lost interest. Instead of tensing against this latest onslaught, she found herself relaxing somewhat. The worm spread warmth and comfort whereever it touched and really, a little worm couldn't hurt her.

Are you so sure these men mean you harm? After all, they haven't alerted the guard or called any attention to you.

Her grey eyes still serious but no longer hunted, she reached up and grasped the edge of the parapet. Pulling herself up high enough to see, she looked down on the street at the two men. They were both big, tall men; one clad in heavy armor and toting a rather large sword, the other wearing only normal clothing and carrying a staff. Oddly, the armored one seemed more agitated.

<OOC: Failed my save miserably with a 5. Just out of curiousity, what power was that?>