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With that said, the six of you join together as one, some of you feeling uncomfortable with others, but all of you taking sanctuary in numbers. You move on hurriedly, Lacuna making it clear that their Realm pursuers were not far behind. Through the edges of heavy grass a mountain range can be seen in the distance. You all will have to pass through this terrain to make your way toward the threshold.

Not long after departing, Lacuna moves near Silver Wind, giving her a firm look.

"There are some things that you should know."

She then begins to divulge. Why there was such a huge Realm presence here. What their mission was. She obviously has no qualms with foiling their plans.

"You all probably think you're being chased by the Wyld Hunt, dispatched after the prophets forsaw your arrival. Well, the truth is you're only half right. The Realm soldiers that attacked you on the outskirts of Chiaroscuro were part of a hunting party, but the group ... the group that I was a part of... was on a completely different mission. In fact, we didn't know of your presence, or that the hunt had chased you inside the caves until we bumped into them ourselves. It was deemed necessary by my superiors to eliminate you all before our primary objective could be completed, so since the hunt had suffered significant losses, we formed a mixed unit. Thats why there is such a strong force after you. The realm would never have sent out such numbers to deal with "anathema". Their resources are too scattered. What they WOULD send a large force to do is to recover something lost... something that could turn the fortunes of a single house... in this case, Mnemon is getting ambitious..."

Lacuna's expression turns to anger as she mentions house Mnemon. While at first she was talking only to Silver Wind, the rest of you edge in on a well deserved explanation for the last 48 hours.

"It turns out that Mnemon's great great grandfather constructed a powerful weapon over 1000 years ago, a weapon that was lost in a battle over demanses in the threshold. It's been lost, until now. She seems to have somehow gathered information that's led her to it. I hate her... She's horrible, always thirsting for more power. Mnemon getting her hands on this artifact would bring her that much closer to taking control of the realm."

She looks down, recalling something as she speaks.

"And that's what my mission was. Much to my misfortune, I got tacked onto a group of Mnemon warriors as their sorcery support and we journeyed out here to recover an artifact that was guarded by elementals... and we ran into you."

She pauses, letting her words sink in.

"Theres something else... something that makes this far worse... the Realm shouldn't be following us. If they had their artifact they would've left us alone. The only reason they'd be tracking us is if they thought we had it..."

Her expression turns frightful as she turns to looks Silver Wind in the eye.

"I can see none of you are carrying it... so if you don't have it..."

Her words are cut short as unexpected lightning sears the open sky. You all stop, your attention torn to a bead of red rising, expanding, starkly contrasting the blue horizon. Lacuna's eyes widen. She turns to Shaedra, fear in her eyes.

"Can you feel that? It's horrible..."

A storm brews. The wind, no longer soothing, batters down on you with oppressive gusts. The smell of the plants, the field, fades away instantly, replaced by something purely putrescent. The red bead is now the size of a cloud, blocking the sun's rays. It grows dark as it expands, surrounding you. Small critters run underfoot, skittering away from the storm. It begins to rain, not the gentle spring shower from which all life springs... but an otherwordly torrent of blood.