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Silver Wind hesitated at the girl's request. Normally she would have agreed on the spot, like with Tiden and Icarus, welcoming the addition of more Exalted to fight the Wyld Hunt off with. But Tiden and Icarus seemed almost hostile to the girl, and Icarus had mentioned something about educating her and something called the Silver Pact. What was that? Some sort of Lunar secret society?

Actually, now that she thought about it, the two Lunars might be against the idea of refusing her request to let her travel with them. If that was the case, then it would be best to let her travel with them after all.

Even though she had slept quite well last night, Silver Wind was starting to feel like she had been running at full speed since she'd first meet Shaedra.

Silver Wind looked at the girl and then nodded. "Very well," she said in Low Realm so everyone understood her. "You too may travel with us."