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Tiden was shocked. Recalling the strange animal tracks and tell markings on the cat, it should have been obvious. He was angry at himself for not noticing sooner.

Tiden takes a good look at Kami, noting how young she looks. He thinks on this, remembering that Lunars can transform into any person they have consumed, making themselves older or, in this case, younger than they really are.

Has she devoured a child of that age? Is that really her true form and why was she spying on us?

Tiden stares at Kami, addressing Lacuna but never taking his eyes off the newcomer.

"As far as I knew it was only the 4 of us... Kami was it?... why were you following us? Why do you show yourself only now Nain-ya?

A low growl rose up in the back of Tidenís throat as he questioned the foreign lunar.