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Talking Jabberwocking (OOC)

So when thinking about what might work, the first thing that came to my (admittedly sober) mind was something episodic in nature where we could change GMs, styles, locations, and characters without much preamble. To that end (and influenced somewhat by my thinking with the Inn) I came up with the Crossroads.

Basically, people end up here somehow and don't necessarily feel the need to leave the Lusty Vulture - the tavern that sits near the Crossroads. It's a misty, moor-like place and strange things happen as a matter of course and nobody bats an eyelash - someone calls for help in the distance, some folks inside pick up their gear and go to investigate and then come back a year later. Or a notice appears on the board by the door offering a reward. Or a few folks go out to get water and are swallowed in the mists only to emerge in some other world in the midst of a pitched battle. Or you walk out the front door and turn around to go back in only to find you are now on a wharf near an endless sea, pressed into service by the ship that is there. Anything, really.

But yeah, just ideas.
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