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Am I Rude?

I keep getting told that Iím rude I don't get it.

I'm honest with people. If someone says something that is wrong, i'll tell them. Someone says something that is right, I'll tell them!

I always get called rude!

Here is an example

<Venustus> no one cares
<Sonof> i think that sums it up
<Venustus> well that was rude
<Claudette> er,... what was rude?
<Claudette> i missed something, as usual
<Venustus> what sonof said
<Claudette> oh, well.. sonof is sonof.
<Claudette> he's blunt,
<Claudette> but usually honest i think

Claudette seems to think I wasn't being rude, but Venustus does.

Was I being rude there?
(On a side note, noone did care.)
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