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Well, I'm specifically thinking of Mediorum. For example, the map here is 1125x735, at 1,786 kb. It's big, but it's also covering a big area. Although treehouse could thin down the file size, yeah.
Mercutio's XCrawl game also has had some pretty big maps, like here at 1000x1273. They're staying pretty well under 500kb, but they're also pretty simple. They'd be a lot bigger if he (or someone else) was putting in a background. Also, he's been sticking them behind spoilers, which feels like it works to keep things looking nice (and why I suggested that as an idea).

In both those cases, I wouldn't want to shrink the maps much. Bumping them down to 50%, details are pretty hard to make out. I was sort of thinking something like, "if your maps are more than 600 pixels wide, please put them behind a spoiler" and "check if any players are using dial-up before having maps more than 500 kb large, and make sure you've taken the time to compress them regardless."
I mean I can certainly understand the dial-up problem, the times I've had to check on ORP when I was stuck on dial-up were not fun, but that seems more like a "make sure you're being considerate of your players" thing.
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