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It should come as no surprise that he lists doing the right thing higher than staying alive. Hadn't he proven time and again that he valued his ideals more than his own life? It was out there like a club: how many times did she need to get hit before she'd acknowledge it's presence?

She frowns at his last remark, wondering just how much power these wizards had. Maybe they could do what he said. Maybe not, or maybe they wouldn't care enough to bother. Shade knows what she would do, if the decision were hers alone: run, and take her chances.

Arms folded, a slim finger taps against her elbow - once, twice, three times - while she considers his words. It is like the prisoner and the giant all over again. His words tell her he's going, even though he hasn't admitted it to himself yet. For the prisoner she could almost understand - after all, she didn't want to see them suffer or die any more than he did. It's just that she was more practical. Getting dead wouldn't help anyone, and dying for an ideal didn't seem more appealing than dying any other way.

She shakes her head, but just like that, she knows she is going with him.

"Why, though? Can you at least tell me why you are willing to do this? It's more than just protecting your back, I know you well enough to know that."