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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The threat makes him smile, just as it was intended, but the mirth falters as the image of a dead gnoll and a greatclub rolls into memory. It had been no more than a few weeks since that fight, but it feels as if a lifetime from all the events that have happened since then. The gnolls, the big one had wielded Cadrius's own sword while he took up Paladin's greatsword. Shade had fought another, killing it neatly in under a minute. Had he ever thanked her for that? For saving him then and so many other times?

Would it matter?

"Yes, there are other places. Yet I worry about the reputation my name carries now. You, and the others, would be safer without me, at least in a city. The clergy can reach very far, especially when chasing one of their own. I..." he trails off, remember that he's had this conversation with Shade before. He already knows her response; his offer will be met with a stern glance and some barbed words.

"...think we should be cautious should we travel to a city. But what of Ysene and her ilk? Will we be safe should we reject their offer? What do you make of her? And how is it we know Gemoud is a spy?"