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Not my knee, my dad's. Miriam's my character, but my in with the others flows through my pure fighter dad, who's not happy his oldest girl is mixing it up with the arcane.

However, I do need her to have a proper job prior to this. Perhaps she was a guard? Or better yet, she cleaned the jail cells, and struck up a conversation with you. Avoids the woman guard with male prisoners kick. So at home dad's teaching me my sword work, but in the jail I'm sneaking lessons from you and helping you find a way to be released at the same time.

Let me know what route you're going with your wizard's powers, and I'll tailor my girl to have some sign of your influence in hers.

Just to recap, we have as a suggested group history:

Taraka and Miriam's Dad served together in the army years ago, and may or may not have kept in some contact after during which Miriam would have met Taraka. Three or four years ago, Cyril and Lorien became good friends. Miriam met Wizard while he was imprisoned, and helped him get released earlier. In return, he tutored her in the arcane.

Lorien, Cyril, and Miriam's Dad all took jobs as escorts for a noblewoman, whose carriage was attacked by highway robbers. These same robbers were being tracked by Taraka, leading him to the attack as well. In the fight, Lorien sacrificed himself to save the noblewoman and Cyril, against all expectations, proved he knows to point the sharp end of a sword at the enemy. Miriam's Dad was hobbled when he landed bad on his knee and had an MCL and ACL tear. Taraka may have saved his friend here, if Mercutio wants a heroic moment.

After the fight, a loose bond forms between the victorious team of Cyril, Taraka, and Lorien. Miriam takes up the mercenary way in place of her father to put food on the table, and the party accepts her as a favor to Miriam's Dad. Miriam possibly is the reason Wizard is with them at the start of the game (traveling together for a time, perhaps), which brings us to Brindol and the tavern. Is this maybe the first time all of us are gathered at the same place?

Did I miss anything? If not, it sounds like we've got a pretty well-knit bunch. We've got the outsider (Wizard), the buddy team (Cyril and Lorien), the veteran (Taraka), and the rookie (Miriam). The only character without a deep connection to the group is Wizard, but either we can add in more from his pre-jail time (who caught him to start? were any of the other party members around for it?) or we can move back his release so there's things after jail he did that connects him to the party. Thoughts?
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