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Hmm, this highwaymen fight is suddenly sounding a lot more like a full-scale party engagement. What if Miriam's dad was on the job as well, along with Torien and Ril? Perhaps it was on the way to his home, and he figured he could get a paying ride home. Then the fighting starts.

He would have been the old sergeant type, just putting in the time. Then his leg is ravaged in the fight (crushed knee or something, heck with his age maybe he just landed wrong on it during the fight) and he can't fight anymore. Fighting's all he knows, and he's used it to support himself and his daughters. Miriam, the oldest, joins the group in his stead, intent on moving beyond her father's shadow while sending part of her plunder home to support him and her sister. It gives me a chance to play the rookie of the team.

Could also have had him serve with Taraka. It would explain why Taraka sticks around after the fight (his friend is there, and hurt) and Miriam may have met him if he ever visited her father to reminisce on old times. That gives me a weak connection to Lorien and Ril, and a stronger one to Taraka. And if Scythe goes wizard or warlock, that explains where Miriam's is getting arcane training from. Wizard works a bit better for that, but warlock would be fine as well for it.
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