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That could definitely work. To tie zachol's bard into it, perhaps he's a drinking buddy of Lorien's who took the escort job as well.

For my own part, Lorien doesn't actually have to be the hero of the fight, but he does need some moment where he places himself directly in harm's way (perhaps taking an arrow for the young lady or something like that) to protect the innocent. She ends up recounting this to her father afterwards. The father pays everyone involved (including Taraka), which explains how we have a pretty decent amount of gold/equipment for level 1 nobodies, and because Lorien took a grave wound during the fight (he arrives at the manor on a stretcher) the noble gives him a knighthood. It's really just an honorary since there is no land with the title, but it causes Lorien to have a kind of awakening. He is still a surly loser drunk when he goes back to Brindol with his friends (now including Taraka), but as he recovers from his wound he begins thinking that perhaps there is more to life than booze and wenches.

Edit: There is really no reason why everyone couldn't have been at the escort job. We just increase the theoretical number of bandits accordingly. So String, Scythe, if you want to get in on this background story and make things super easy just jump right in.
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