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If you're asking for input, I would vote wizard out of those. I think it would compliment us nicely.

Since BP's stated goal is to actually have this game go from 1st to 30th level I think I'm going stat out Lorien's progression, at least the basics, somewhere under his sheet. Definitely taking Knight Protector for his paragon path, and I am thinking Eternal Defender (also from Martial Power) for his epic destiny.

Starting to ruminate on a background story as well. It involves a life of low debauchery and public disgrace followed by a battle he took part in, where he became an unlikely hero in some desparate last stand, gaining his knighthood in the process. He has come out the other side changed personally, but to outward appearances he just looks like a thug who has somehow acquired plate armor and a sword. He is at 'square one' on his path to greatness, which will play out in-game (or not). He doesn't have a crest or tabard yet, he doesn't own land, he can barely afford lodging for himself so he hasn't taken a squire, etc.

So perhaps anyone interested in being linked could collaborate with me on some details of the off-screen battle? I was thinking something simple and appropriate for 1st level characters, like defending a vulnerable township from goblins, or protecting a noble's daughter from vicious highwaymen.
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