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Argh go away!


Cyril Radegonde Kilyan Corentin du Ile-Vert, 'Ril'
Friend of tree's knight character for some three or four years (since 17, is now 20). Idle noble scion of a distant family, had an argument with his father as a teenager, left home, came to the Vale, quickly made friends with the knight.
Nobody's heard of his family (they're pretty minor, and from far away), most think he's just a poser or something.
Spends most of his time in bars, flirting, serving as entertainment, being a prat. Is running out of money, although it's amazing it's lasted this long.

Ril is the sort who would know everyone in town, and could end up being that guy who acts like he's in charge despite not doing much of anything.
Depending on what BP's thinking for how the party gets formed, he could serve as the glue/catalyst for the whole thing.
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