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The grey clad man turns to the Druid... "I like the way you reason..." his eyes this time flaring green to match the mans hair.... and then in a brief instant his concentration breaks elsewhere...

"They're in trouble..." he speaks suddenly.... grabbing his staff he leaps to his feet... and sprints out the door...leaving it wide open to let the chilled night air flow in like water through a broken dam.

The bartender almost drops the mug he's holding.. and stairs at the patrons.... "Well don't just sit their! Go help the man."

-----Down the street a ways------

While Elanor is closing up shop, a man comes flying by in a dead out run towards the closest gate of the town. In her mind can be heard....

There is trouble... please help.... to the East near forest.

And then the voice is gone.

The figure in Grey approaches the gate while the guards seem to be laughing at anothers joke... startled they stumble to their feet.
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