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In the interest of expediency, it might also be worth you and InThisMoment discussing how your Kindred met, and (more importantly) what happened that convinced them that becoming a coterie was the best way forward.

At this time, InThisMoment has already allocated all of her Background dots, but you both could still consider the option of Shared Backgrounds. This is in no way essential, but there are benefits to pooling dots. Something to consider.

One other option for you both: if you wanted to go into greater detail about how you met, maybe detailing events and even providing brief "flashbacks" to scenes and events, I may be convinced to hand you both a few experience points to begin with, to represent your learning from past endeavours. Again, not mandatory, though I still do expect you both to be able to explain why two Kindred are willing to depend on, and trust one another (to whatever degree) with their existance.

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