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Originally Posted by HeadHunter # He then turns and faces the scholar Elias and Gremlin…..

“Equipment…. Any thing silver or wooden. If you’re good with archery I would suggest sharpen wooden points and Silver heads. Everyone of you should have a cross or crucifix. While it might sound ridiculous it works. Holy water…. But I doubt there’s much of it to go around. Water guns…. They seem to work on the method of moving water. If you have any knowledge in fire or daylight….. I would suggest preparing for that too. Being a warrior has nothing to do with fighting them. It's as simple as mind over matter….. frankly I don’t mind and they don’t matter!!!!”

From under his duster he draws his silver Scimitar….

“I’ve always found that a blade strikes full and true, but whatever method you choose to use, remember that there is only one true method to destroy them. You just have to be willing to do it. Some men might call it vile and inhuman….. but in the end, it works. I have not come across anything else that works in all my years.”
With an embarrassed cough Elias looks admiringly at the scimitar "Unfortunately I have no experience with such weapons. Meaning both hand held melee types and bows and arrows like you mentioned a moment ago. I already had a water pistol on my list. As well as a silver cross. Perhaps I should look into some silver bullets for my pistol, that should help some."

Then without any hint of being embarrassed he adds "To be perfectly honest I'm more scared of this adventure than I have ever been in my life. But those people need rescuing, so I'll do all I can to help them." Turning to Gremlin with a warm smile he says "I think maybe you and I should stick together for this trip since neither of us has much experience, perhaps we can make a good team against them. I seem to recall you mentioning something about being able to produce flame. If you can do that from a distance, then I can be very helpful with that. You recall I mentioned I had other abilities besides creating darkness? Well one of those is being able to fly. I think that should prove very helpful don't you?"
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