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Originally Posted by Falcon79 # Keiran keeps his tone even....

"I'm WELL aware of what what DOES and DOES NOT hurt Vampires..... Quit your condescending..." He let Lucian know he's not intimidated by him one bit..... I rode a few times with that egomaniacal fool, Reid 20 years ago.... and yes..... I'm FAR older then I look, I've seen death on a scale scale you can't imagine where I come from, and unspeakable horrors here too.... It still doesn't mean I like to waste my life, or the lives of my men foolishly..... and my outfit isset up to face mudane threats, I'll need to refit for this mission, which was what I was addressing...."

"And yes I'm scared of vamps, because I'm not stupid... only a fool isn't afraid of anything...."

He turns to Aster and says..

"I'm in cause I'm your freind Aster and I owe you for more then a couple of saves.... You'll need to cover the cost of refitting for this work though, as it's not my main stock and trade."
Lucian stands cold and stoic as if Corey’s words roll right off of him. Then his deep tone strikes up again.

“Since you know so much…. Maybe you should outfit YOUR MEN to fight those HORRORS then!!! You would know then, that they don’t care what you are. If its flesh, bone, and blood you’re already dead in their minds. Maybe you do have reason to FEAR. After all we’re all just mostly flesh, blood, and bone. You speak of life and death as if it’s a toll count in the name of business and trade. Which in some degree maybe true to many. There are only two certainties to life….. You live and die. It’s the circle of life…. the balance of nature….. the way of things. Everything meets its end eventually. The same thing could be said of business. One way or another, it too either survives or fades over time. It’s the course of things.

Maybe I’m stupid….. maybe I’m foolish, but I have nothing to fear. I’ve come to terms that I will eventually meet my death, but if there’s one thing on this god forsaken place that will not have my mercy, its those foul carrions. Life and Death maybe hold a different meaning to me. After what I’ve seen….. if a child would risk their own life to save their friends and family for nothing more then the chance to see those foul creatures gone, why can’t men such as ourselves suck up the courage to do so? Maybe its because in this life…. We’ve forgotten what truly matters. I guess children have no reason to be sidetracked by business and other worldly affairs. Lucky them. Shame on me…..

Look…. I can tell how old you truly are. If you are as old as your essence says, then you’ve probably seen a great deal of things that have hit your core as that has hit mine. Perhaps I should say I’m sorry and ask for forgiveness. But honestly its not going to fix the heart of the matter. What you said rubbed me the wrong way. What I said rubbed you the wrong way. It’s out in the open…. It’s out of the system. I say lets forget it, if you are as well aware as you say you are…. And go show those bastards that we will not submit to their whims. Lets suck up the courage and show those children they haven’t died in vain. Then maybe…. Just maybe…. I’ll ask you to forgive me. But honestly…. I don’t want forgiveness. I just want to see those foul things demolished. Even if I have to do it myself!”

His eyes seem to glimmer as if made of ambers from the hottest flames. You’d swear looking at him, that he has something against the Undead. Something deep down, not just what he spoke about, pits him to anger and violence against them. He then turns to face the Demon Queller.

“Akane… perhaps its best you remain ignorant to the good deeds of the Rangers. Everything is not as you might hear it. The imagination of man has turned a blind eye in the name of their so called hero. To make it brief….. Reid’s Rangers hunts the Vampire Kingdoms from Texas to South America. Doc Reid himself a god-like legend in the mind of the people those Undead horrors torment daily. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve fought along side those that have had more experience then me. This profession eventually warps your mortals and ideology of what is ethical and what truly is right or wrong. It can change even the purest of hearts into the most vile of creatures. Experience is good and well…. But all that matters is that you know what you face. The odds are overwhelmingly against you. As Corey mentioned…. Only the foolish would be dumb enough to not fear them. As I said before…. I’ve got the luxury to be dumb and foolish. What happens to me matters very little in the grand scheme of it all. It’s something I’ve come to terms with. Maybe it grants me some form of freedom from having to truly care. If there’s one piece of advice I can give you…. It’s don’t stop caring. Deep down…. it’s the only thing that keeps you human.

If you don’t mind my asking…. What undead have you faced where you are from?”

He then turns and faces the scholar Elias and Gremlin…..

“Equipment…. Any thing silver or wooden. If you’re good with archery I would suggest sharpen wooden points and Silver heads. Everyone of you should have a cross or crucifix. While it might sound ridiculous it works. Holy water…. But I doubt there’s much of it to go around. Water guns…. They seem to work on the method of moving water. If you have any knowledge in fire or daylight….. I would suggest preparing for that too. Being a warrior has nothing to do with fighting them. It's as simple as mind over matter….. frankly I don’t mind and they don’t matter!!!!”

From under his duster he draws his silver Scimitar….

“I’ve always found that a blade strikes full and true, but whatever method you choose to use, remember that there is only one true method to destroy them. You just have to be willing to do it. Some men might call it vile and inhuman….. but in the end, it works. I have not come across anything else that works in all my years.”

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