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Originally Posted by Rimmerdal # "Reid's Rangers?" he looked a little surprised and grinned, "that old borg still at killing the undead? I figured the CS would have transferred him to the Devils Arch by now...But he wouldn't likely stay there." he mused.

Achilies added with a grin, "And you would transfer from lonestar?"

"True..I like the Empire..Blood tribes or not. Let's just get there and then sort who and what were against. first. If your coming meet me at the Airbase..I have air transport ready to go.." then with a pleasant nod he went out of the room with Achilles.
Lucian looks at Aster and replies....

" If that is what you want to call it. He prefers attending to his experiements and the benefits of his deity-like status. I doubt he would leave Fort Reid for anything shy of the biggest glory he could add to his legend. "

Lucian waits on the rest of the group to decide what the plan of action will be and then heads to the Airbase for the transport.
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