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Originally Posted by Rimmerdal # Location: Lonestar, Pecos Empire
New NPC: (new feature!!!)
Shawn Aster (image below)
The band of adventurers are lead to a comfy boardroom. Water, coffee and a jar smooth Iron shards sit on the table. A blond human mail sits at the end the table and grinned. standing on his shoulder was a small form..

"There you are Ace..Wondered when you'd show." he stood and Achilles hugged him. and sat beside him. Once all were seated he began.

"I see we are here. A few minutes ago Macklin sent this." (See Dat feed) he said Now as Mack is busy holding of a blood raid. He wanted me to fix this." he turned to them.

"I'll pay each of you 5000 credits and provide you with any gear you may need to acomplish this task..Which is to go and see what happend and try save as many lives as possible..are you guys in?" he asked.

"Once you get back we can talk about more longterm work as Fixer mentioned some of you are loooking for some." he added.
The dark ominous figure stands in the back of the room watching as this Aster plays the data feed for the mass assembled before him. You’d swear you’d catch a glimpse of a smirk come over his otherwise stoic visage when he sees the Undead. He listens and watches as the others speak. Taking note of the request and fear of the one who calls himself Corey, and of the woman claiming to be a Demon Queller. He lets them all speak as each one says their piece; he finally is the last to retort.

“Credits….. Equipment…… It makes no difference. Each one of those blood sucking, maggot invested, carrions of infernal damnation and horror will meet their end by my hands. I can promise you that.”

He seems to pause a moment and turns his eerie gaze right to Corey. His stone cold stoic glare almost piercing your very soul, sending chills down your spine. His deep tone adding to the dread of his gaze.

“You want to talk about laying your life on the line against the Undead. You have no idea just how many men, women, and children I’ve seen sent to their death. Truck fulls…. All in the name of glory and honor…. Justice and vengeance….. in the name of a madman and his army. For what…. Little more then a song in their honor and chance to be called a martyr at the beckoning call of this madman. You make me sick…. Lucky for you this wouldn’t be my first time encountering such horrors.”

He slowly lifts up his sleeve and reveals the mark of a Reid’s Ranger. Most of you have heard of their exploits. You would assume most would carry such a mark with pride and honor, but the more you look at him, you’d swear he resents the mark.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about your precious equipment anyways. Unless you are planning on packing a lot of holy water, wooden stakes, and crosses; you won’t last ten minutes anyhow. The only thing that works against these vile creatures is moving water, silver and wooden weapons, and anything that might resemble a cross or crucifix. While they might damage them, it hardly matters. I’ve seen them shrug off rail blast. I’ve seen them staked, only to have it removed and kill the man standing before them before he could even react. There is only one true method…. Stake them, cut off the head, and burn the body.”

He looks at each and every one of the members before him.

“You may have a problem with that…. believe me when I tell you this….. It is nothing compared to the vileness they have unleashed upon man since the dawn of time.”

You can see him almost shudder as he speaks those words. Almost as if he is making himself sick to the core.

“I was once called Lazarus by the madman and his army; however I prefer my given name….. Lucian. I would say it’s a pleasure….but circumstances seem otherwise.”

His eerie presence strikes each of you differently. Although most of you sense he speaks the truth, you are a little put off by him. Then again, what options do you really have?

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