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Our house in the middle of the desert..

Location: Lonestar, Pecos Empire
New NPC: (new feature!!!)
Shawn Aster (image below)
The band of adventurers are lead to a comfy boardroom. Water, coffee and a jar smooth Iron shards sit on the table. A blond human mail sits at the end the table and grinned. standing on his shoulder was a small form..

"There you are Ace..Wondered when you'd show." he stood and Achilles hugged him. and sat beside him. Once all were seated he began.

"I see we are here. A few minutes ago Macklin sent this." (See Dat feed) he said Now as Mack is busy holding of a blood raid. He wanted me to fix this." he turned to them.

"I'll pay each of you 5000 credits and provide you with any gear you may need to acomplish this task..Which is to go and see what happend and try save as many lives as possible..are you guys in?" he asked.

"Once you get back we can talk about more longterm work as Fixer mentioned some of you are loooking for some." he added.
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