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Terrisque's venom strikes his intended target, covering a portion of his body in burning, sizzling liquid. The large, fair skinned man seems, however, to mostly ignore the attack in this heat of battle. His white jade armor glows angrily in response to the liquid, refusing to give way to its corrosive properties. Terrisque drops to the floor and moves toward his opponent, making a lunge with one of his many claws at the grey dragonblood. The injured terrestrial responds instantaneously to this new threat. A howl of wind barrels through the cavern as a dormant power is suddenly released. His grey anima banner shoots up suddenly like a heatless wildfire, multiplying his reflexes. By the time Terrisque's claw gets close, his sword is unsheathed and in motion to parry with an unerring accuracy.

As Terrisque's blow is silenced by a flash of grey, Indurian is only a step behind him, brining his mighty weapon down on his unfortunate foe. Indurian strikes with speed and strength but the terrestrial draws from the deepest reserves of his being, somehow managing both assailants at once. There is a fire in his eyes. Indurian, changing face without warning, charges the dragonblood in the orange armor, who towers a good 2 feet over the others. Bringing his tetsubo upward to make a defensive swing, he thwarts much of Indurian's attack, though the staff and its wielder seem to slither through his charms. Indurian hits hard, coming under the giant's swing and striking his torso while passing under his right shoulder. The blow makes the man stagger backward a few steps as he clutches his chest with one hand, obviously hurt.

The grey dragonblood, as if he hadn't made enough actions in a seeming impossible timeframe, touches his forehand with his off hand as he follows through with his final parry against Indurian. His brow tightens as an electric red energy suddenly outlines his entire body. His movements now outlined with hazy, red smoke, he draws back into his prime defensive pose.

Shaedra, seeing the green countermagic out of the corner of her eye, rushes the mage with her goremaul. The blue dragonblood, although taken by surprise does not panic. In fact, she ducks and sidesteps, reversing her position quickly to cleverly place herself on shaedra's weak side. Blue's robes streaming with her movement, a sparkle of steel emerges from her excessively long sleeves. Noticing her intent at the last moment, Shaedra makes a frantic swing to the mage's head and shifts sideways as fast as she can, the knife just barely missing her neck.

Silver Wind, your eyes dart across the battlefield trying to make sense of things. Terrisque and Indurian are off near the left wall, assaulting the grey dragonblooded. Shaedra has run up the center to meet the blue robed mage. Indurian, switching opponents quickly, also attacks the orange giant on the left. The white dragonblooded is covered in acid. Soldiers are running and screaming. The grey's bonfire sends echos down the endless passage, combining with the screams of the mortals.... and you try to take all this in and focus.... your bow out and half drawn, you try to find something that you know you can hit. The exquisite dragonblooded armor intimidates you... you aren't quite sure what to do. The orange dragonblooded seems to be wearing sheet after sheet of articulated plates, all carved and thick with glowing jade. If that isn't enough, he's huge and swinging a sledge around like its a walking stick. The white wields a silver hammer and wears similar armor, although less extensive than orange's. The grey wears a military garb, mostly mail and hard leather to ease restriction on motion. He's being attacked from many sides, but he seems to be pouring out massive energy to power some amazing defensive magic. You may not be able to hit him, but he might end up using up more power to ward off your attacks. The blue seems to be the least armored of the four, sporting only robes that couldn't possibly have much protection underneith, especially the way she's moving. Its the way she's moving that bothers you though. Very fast. You begin to worry. All of these dragonblooded seem well trained in both offense and defense, and they're obviously geared toward battling anathema.

[Initiative order: Silver Wind, Blue, Shaedra, Indurian, Terrisque, Grey, White, Orange]