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Silver Wind watched in a mixture of amazement, terror, and gut-wrenching sympathy as Shaedra released her spell. Amazement at the sight of thousands of little black...things, too fast for her eye to see, shoot forth from Shaedra's outstretched hands at the incoming force. Terror at the thought of being the victim of such a terrible effect.

Others probably felt the same way when they saw sorcery for the first time, but the gut-wrenching sympathy was distinctively her own twist on the matter. She watched as the black objects tore into the ranks of the soldiers and the Dragon-Blooded, unable to blink or tear her eyes away from the sight. The mortal troops caught in the mass of blackness would never stand a chance, she had known this going into the battle, but to actually see them cut to ribbons in less than an instant...

She blinked the image away. There would time enough for this after the fight was over. She saw Terresque and the man, Indurian, already attacking the Dragon-Blooded, and she sees Shaedra moving forward to strike at the woman who had made that brilliant green aura.

Silver Wind held Kheervis stationary, not moving him into the battle, not making him retreat further from it. She reached back, pulled out one of her broadhead arrows, and notched it in the finely crafted bow she had pulled out.

She didn't attack though. She wanted to get a feel for what was happening, figure out which one of the Dragon-Blooded would be best for her to attack first. She wasn't much of a fighter, but she WAS A business woman, and she knew a lot about efficiency. She did not posses aany form of magical attack like her companions, so it would do her well to attack the one who was the least armored so she could do the best.

Silver Wind watched as her compatriarts attacked, watched the enemy forces, trying to distinguish something from the choas of battle.

[OOC: Silver Wind is going to size up her opponents before she wastes any of her ammunition on someone she can't even scratch. Namely, she's looking at weapons, armor, junk like that. I realize she may not RECOGNIZE all of it, but she can at least judge which armor covers the least area.]