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Tiden calmly listens to Shaedra's instructions until the part where she mentions him and Icaris. "Me and Icarus meet the group from the south?? What does Shaedra think she is doing? We should fight the stronger group to the east." Almost immediately after Shaedra is done speaking, Tiden's speaks his mind.

"Shaedra, I don't think that Icaris and I should take the smaller group on the sothern side." Tiden pauses, choosing his words carefully. "I think that it is obvious that we are much better suited in taking on the large group than you and.... well... him."

Hesitating to speak anything more that might seem unimportant to her, like how there aren't enough people to make a enjoyable competition of the ensuing battle in the small group. Choosing to keep the rest of his thoughts to himself, Tiden listens for her answer.