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Shaedra listens for a moment to what Silver Wind translates for Terresque, then she kneels down and starts sketching in the dirt with her finger, relaying questions to Terresque with Silver Wind's help to ensure the accuracy of the rough map she is drawing.

Then she illustrates the Dragon Blood's troop movement as far as she and Terresque know saying, "There are 4 Dragon Blooded and about 20 soldiers coming from the north eastern entrance and moving south to attack us from the east. There is another group consisting of 2 Dragon Blooded and their 6 elite soldiers coming up from the south east to cut off our southern exit. We don't know where the rest of the troops are because they have not entered the caves yet. Now as for where we shall meet them, I think we should have Icarus and Tiden meet the group from the south, as you two know each others fighting styles and how best to work together, and I see no reason why we should break up such a formidible team. The Night caste and I shall meet the dragon blooded coming from the east. Whether Terresque can or will fight is up to him, I will trust that he knows what would work best for him in repelling unwanted visitors. Silver Wind, I know that you do not fight, so I will ask you and Kheervis to watch the tunnels behind us and alert us if any would seek to come upon us from the rear." As she speaks, she points to the various relevant spots on the map, and to the people involved.

[OOC: Does Indurian speak any languages other than Riverspeak? There is a map, unfortuantely I was not able to transcribe it to my message, when I tried all the alignments screwed up. If any one wants to see what I attempted to draw send a PM to either my self or Erendiox. Sorry about the delay guys, I have been kinda busy and RL is just kicking my butt these days.]

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