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Silver Wind looks at the Solar as he agrees to this tentative plan. She had sort of expected him to argue to the idea of returning the artifact once he got his hands on it. Not that she was complaining, Terresque was correct; they did not have much time.

"Very well then," she looks between the spirit/spider, her companions, and the unknown Solar. Placing her hand on Kheervis' mane she continued. "Since the two of you both agree, and I speak for both my companions and myself, let this agreement be sealed."

With that she tugs at the strands of Essence in the air, as well as the ones located in her bond with Kheervis. She wills it into a current that naturally flows through her Anima, allowing her to sanctify this agreement by the might of Heaven. Unlike internal essence, ambient essence had an interesting effect when channeled through an Exalt's Anima. It was unique to each exalt and commonly referred to as the anima banner.

Silver Wind's banner is like her namesake, with small silver wisps, apparently wind, beginning to form around her. The sound of a breeze is heard, and runes of silver, carried in on the wisps of wind, sanctify this deal of desperation. Her Caste Mark burns like a miniature sun on her forehead, a hollow golden circle with a solid golden circle inside of that burns through her few silver bangs.

The runes disappear as their duty is done, but the wisps of silver and sound of wind still remains around her, will for probably several more minutes if experience serves Silver Wind correctly. Her Caste mark will surely burn for a couple more hours at least, even though it had only recently dimmed out.

She looks at the spider and Solar, two individuals that she'd rather not be involved with if she could help it, but with whom she'd just sworn an oath. She gives them both a slight bow, "Now I believe you may retrieve the artifact Terresque Palladum, without fear. Perhaps this man would even like to accompany you, but my companions and myself shall remain here and start to form a battle strategy for the Dragon-Blooded either way."

She turns back to Shaedra, the woman who she had gone through so much with recently. She gives a little smile at the woman's reservations about leading the group. "As I recall, it was the Dawn Caste who lead the other Exalted into battle during the First Age. Though the First Age ended long ago, I see no reason not to emulate certain aspects of it during the current time. I am certainly not a warrior, nor am I capable of leading warriors into battle." Again, she bows a little, this time however to Shaedra.

"I would be honored if you chose to lead our little band against the Dragon-Blooded."

[Spend 6 motes of peripheral Essence, 4 motes from Kheervis, and a point of Temporary Willpower to power my anima effect. Let the show begin...]

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