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"Let there be dice!"

And so it came to pass...

I am now happy to announce that I finished adding this much-requested feature to the boards. I have added a die-roller in the form of a bbcode:
This notation is a familiar and standard die rolling notation used in many RPG books. Where
  1. X is the number of die to be rolled (1 if omitted)
  2. Y is the number of faces of the die, and
  3. Z is a modifier which could be positive or negative
  4. F is a special feature only available to GM's. F is the desired result that a roll should have. This is also referred to as fudging a roll.
For example,
  1. d4 or 1d4 means roll 1 four sided die
  2. 3d6 means roll 3 six sided dice and add them together.
  3. 3d6+2 means roll 3 six sided dice, add them together and then add 2.
The roller also will support a couple of standard shortcut notations as well, for instance,
  1. 4d6b3 means roll 4 six sided dice and only sum the best (highest) three dice.
  2. d% means roll a percentage roll, equivalent to 1d100.
The number of sides and number of dice are essentially unlimited (depending on how big an integer this particular machine can handle, but that's beyond the scope of this article). So, using the [roll] bbcode, you can enter dice rolls into your posts.

Following are some example die rolls and their resulting output:
[roll]4d6[/roll] : 16
[roll]d%[/roll] : 39
[roll]1d20+5[/roll] : 15

A few more - and rather important - notes:
  • Due to the layout that dierolls have (dotted underline with tooltip), it is impossible to mimick them with already existing bbcodes.
  • You can't add rolls to an existing post.
  • You can't use preview the roller.
  • Posts can easily be edited without affecting existing rolls that are in the post.
  • When you remove rolls however, a message will be appended to the post indicating there is an inconsistency.
  • In order to prevent people from rearranging the rolls or use one roll multiple times within a post, each roll has a numbered prefix in the tooltip that appears when you hover over the roll. This allows GM's to spot any such attempts at cheating.
This results in a pretty decent cheating-free feature that should've been part of this board from the beginning...

Enjoy and I appreciate any feedback.
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