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Alright, I think I have one that will be fun, and possible to actually do the paperwork for.

Ronny is an exceptional guy. Not only does he hold a gamer who holds a PhD in Chemical engineering, but he's actually incredibly charismatic. His penchant is for playing characters with massively gimped mental and social stats, and 'role playing' his way around them. "Sure, my ranger has no ranks in craft(alchemy), but if he takes these roots, this type of mineral he happened to pick up because it was shiny, some pure water, and mixes them in this randomly chosen amount, you're going to say it's not a poison, because he has no ranks?" Similarly he would use his ability to fast talk to avoid rolling social rolls with barmaids, peasants, nobility, really whoever he want. Grog is in no way an unusual character for Ron. He's a human raised by half-orcs, who carries a big axe, with the brains of a snail, and the charisma of... well, someone raised by and learned manners from a half-orc. What Ron didn't expect was that while he can still think of excellent plans, he can no longer express them intelligently, or even act on them the way he means to. Further, while he can imagine the right words and tone to sweet talk the pretty lady, all Grog will do is stare, drool, and perhaps growl something obscene.
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