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I guess the funny thing about railroading vs. the sandbox is that this is a pre-written adventure with a fairly linear story line. The room I'm giving you to maneuver in is in how you accomplish the story, not the story itself, which is far less room than I've given to other games I've run. And yet it still appears to be too much.

On the issue of player confusion, that has, in part, been deliberate on my part. One of the things that I really didn't like about the Scales of War when I ran it for my F2F group was how little and how haphazardly the different adventures were tied together. In running it for you guys, I've tried to make the connections more deliberate and so there are some elements here in the first adventure which foreshadow and lead to some of the later adventures, but which by themselves may seem slightly disconnected. As written, for instance, several of the rooms in the dungeon have gnomes, rats, and wererats in them. While the adventure explains their presence by an alliance between the hobgoblins and the mischievous (and sinister) gnomes. However, that's really a throw-away line designed to increase the variety of the monsters in the dungeon. The players never find out about this alliance and it has no bearing on the campaign. Given that I took those gnomes et al. and revamped them into the Kieran, tying them to a later adventure's villian and giving them some motivations that allowed the party the opportunity to interact with them they way they are doing rather than just killing them. Of course, as of yet, the party has only found a couple of grunts in that group and so there isn't a whole lot of information to be gained yet. The leaders who actually know what is going on are a bit deeper into the dungeon.
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