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On the Road Again 6 - Newcomers, Part 1

Once the giant falls, the spellcaster turns to her wounded companion.
“Help me, someone! He’s dying!” she cries.

Mirko's eyes narrow, seeing the giant escape. Fighting the urge to chase the prey, he sheathes his flaming sword and moves to try and help the wounded. As he reaches the cliffs, the woman looks up at him, her eyes full of worry. The wounded man looks to be in bad shape – one arm is broken, possibly crushed beyond repair and his breathing is short and wheezy.

Hearing the cries of the woman, Angus moves to where they are, gives them a nod, and immediately begins working on the fallen man. Mirko assumes he is with them and moves to allow him room to work.
Angus murmurs under his breath and touches the man’s chest, his hand glowing with a greenish light. The man’s breathing eases and he tries to say something, but he doesn’t wake up.
Mirko looks to check on Dreys and gives the dwarf a nod, and then turns back to the others, glancing in the direction of the fleeing giant, checking for a new wave of enemies to come.
Dreys looks around looking for something else to impale. "Run off ye bastard!” he yells at the fleeing giant. “Come back and fight me like a man...or do me means a pussy?" Dreys laughs and then turns to see Mirko. "Ye be alright me brother? Didn't take us long to find somebody to fight." He says, walking up to his long-time companion and resting his weight on the heavy mace in his hands.

Mirko nods again and says in greeting, “I am Mirko Blue Bear. This is my brother, Dreys Stoneshaft. Are there any others in your group?”

(Tag Angus)

The other man who helped Mirko attack the giants walks up and says, “Greetings and well met – the gods are good to have sent you when they did, else I fear, we would be walking with them in their hallowed halls. I am Reamus Silmerhelve and this is my sister and my uncle.”
Reamus is young, definitely younger than his sister, and his uncle is a middle-aged man with the beginnings of grey hair and a sagging belly.
“We need to get him back to the manor,” the woman says. “Caramin may be able to save his arm, since this…man has already saved his life.”
She smiles at the other newcomer (Angus) and looks at Mirko and Dreys and says, “I am Jacelyn Silmerhelve, but my family and friends call me Jace. Will you help us get my uncle back home? My father will want to meet the men who saved his family today.”
Mirko nods and says, “Aye, and the sooner the better. The dog might return with his pack.”

To be continued…

Angus – full hp
Mirko – down 70 (DR3 +12 temp. hp); heals 1 hp/rd
Dreys – down 21 (Strength of Stone > +6 to STR & AC)

G1 – dead, G2 – dead, G3 – dead, G4 – dead, G5 – down 24
G6 – dead


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