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The Road to Revolution

On the Road Again 1

“You sure this is the fastest way?” Mirko asks for at least the tenth time in the past two weeks. “I be sure,” Dreys responds, as always, plodding along, heading south along the Long Road.
The pair left Triboar near the middle of April once the weather broke from a series of severe late winter storms. Borth, Mirko’s brother, had seen them off and wished them well, and Amra (and her white tiger companion, Samson) had traveled with them for almost a week before heading east on some errand she wished to run.
It had been hard leaving Triboar – hard getting out on the road again, knowing what lay ahead of them. Or rather, knowing the uncertainty of the future that lay ahead of them. Surely it was to be dangerous and life-threatening, but since when did that ever stop Mirko and Dreys?
Mirko, the Blue Bear, is on a mission to free his adopted cousins, the Quaggoth or Deep Bears, from slavery. He knows the Dark Elves won’t let their thralls go so easily nor without a fight. A bloody, hellacious fight.
Dreys wields the Burning Blade, and is said to be Jundar Swordbreaker reborn, the one who will gather the dwarves and lead them to war. But he really doesn’t know how to start…except his dreams (or are they visions?) keep telling him to go south, to seek out the remnants of his people on the surface before delving deep underground and calling the northern nations to war.
So…they are headed to Thornhold – the dwarven fortress along the Sword Coast – it was only a year or so that they were there…with Bra’kan, and Almego, and many other companions…all dead now but them.
The Long Road has been quite busy the last couple of days – they have passed merchants from Waterdeep, soldiers heading to Neverwinter to serve, farmers with goods, and prophets preaching doom on those who ignore “the signs” of war and tragedy to come.

But it is midday and they are on the outskirts of Kryptgarden Forest, barely two days from Westbridge…and hot baths, soft beds, and good food. It rained in the morning, but the sun reappeared and the breeze had began to dry things up, and Mirko was thinking of what cooked dwarf would taste like, when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Dreys stopped too and watched his friend for several moments. Mirko sniffed the air, inhaling deeply, getting the scent of something on the wind, something strong and pungent.
And then a scream for help!

“This way!” Mirko hisses, tearing off the road and heading toward the outlying trees of the forest. Dreys follows, huffing with effort, and the pair soon find themselves among the trees. The air is cooler and the trees have just about filled out with foliage. Up ahead, shouts and grunts can be heard, so the pair move ahead quickly and quietly until they see…

Six hulking giants have three figures trapped near a low cliff rising from the forest floor. A quick overview reveals signs of midday picnic, now spoiled by uninvited guests…who likely seek to have their own “picnic” with these humans.

About 150 feet away on the other side of the encounter…
Angus has been following this band of giants for two days. He wants to know why they are in his “neck of the woods” and hopes to “persuade” them to leave before they spoil it any further. But now…they have cornered some humans and from what he knows of hill giants, they will torture, kill, and eat the unfortunate people at their leisure…which will only serve to make them want to stay longer in this area.

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