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The dwarven preist goes about what he normally does after a battle: Heal. First he moves over to Bra'Kan, healing quite a few mortal wounds in the process. The skin sealing itself back together, and the sound of bones cracking back into place still didn't disturb Veit.

He then moved over to Almego, the battle mage pretty beaten up. Not nearly as many seperate wounds were healed, but the dwarf's friend should be feeling better. Finally, he dropped a small heal on himself. Nothing much, but something.

With all the healing done, or at least all the healing he could really spar right now, he went over and picked up his morningstar. Veit then goes about patching together the sailors that will live to tell about it.

OOC: Channel Hold Person into a cure moderate wounds on Bra'Kan. Channel Summon Monster I into a cure light wounds on Almego. Channel a light into cure minor wounds on self. Pick up morningstar. Heal check on any sailors that are still alive.
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